1960’s Go Go Dancing Class

Bring the retro vibes and feel like a 60’s Queen!



  • 1 hour dance class
  • 60's inspired warm up & routines
  • Optional 1960’s dress up box, styling tips & hair demo's

What You Need To Know

This 1960s groovy Go-Go Dancing Class is the perfect way to get loose and feel like a 60’s queen! Allow your bride-to-be to unleash her inner Nancy Sinatra or Twiggy, feeling like she’s been fully transported back to undeniably the grooviest era.

We’re talking classic tunes like RESPECT and These Boots Are Made For Walking to get you sweating in style. You’ll learn the Pony, Watusi and the Alligator, dances specifically created in the 60s, to get that authentic 1960s dance feeling!

You’ll start with a 10 min Cardio A Go-Go inspired warm up to classic 60s tracks. Then learn classic moves from the era such as the Twist, Mashed Potato and Pony + fun dance games. You’ll then learn a sample from a routine with signature 60’s moves, using classic 60s songs such as Aretha Franklin and Nancy Sinatra to then perform as a group.

For those that want the whole go-go experience, you can add on styling tips and beehive + Twiggy style cut crease demos, and a 1960s dress up box all with prosecco too!

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