Our guide on how to keep calm & carry on during lockdown…..

MAKE A MEAL OF IT – we’re LOVING Laura Jacksons campaign #makeamealofit (follow @iamlaurajackson), which encourages people to make the effort to create gorgeous tablescapes and sit down properly and enjoy dinner (even if it’s just beans on toast). Staying in is OFFICIALLY the new going out.


SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS – without leaving the sofa. Leave all the positive reviews you never got round to writing! You don’t need us to tell you that these are tough times for restaurants, bars, shops & businesses. When they can finally re-open their doors, lets help them thrive again by telling the world how great they are.

SELF-LOVE BABY – our biggest excuse for not taking care of ourselves is a lack of time. Well we’ve got plenty of it now, and it’s never been more needed! Face masks, meditation, sunbathing on the balcony, a loooonnnng nap, binge watching Love Is Blind….whatever makes you feel good.


HELP THE NHS HELP US – as I’m sure a lot of people have, we’ve struggled slightly with the concept of using our platforms to post & write about hen parties, fashion, beauty etc, as it’s seems so frivolous compared to what the NHS are currently facing. Social media is an escape that we all need right now, but if you want to do something practical to the NHS  there are a number of ways, from donating to dear old Captain Tom Moore who has raised millions already via his Just Giving page from doing laps of his garden in the lead up to his 100th birthday. Alternatively there’s Virgin’s Run For Heroes where you run 5K and donate £5. And of course we’re all clapping loudly and proudly every Thursday at 8pm.


GET DUSTING – spring clean like you’ve never spring cleaned before. Set yourself one boring housework chore each day (Monday – Friday only, the weekend is for wine, telly, takeaways). Clean the skirting boards, dust the blinds, have a massive wardrobe sort…all the jobs you’ve put off for the last year (OK, 3 years).

NAIL IT – take advantage of the break from gels to give your nails some TLC. Give yourself regular at-home mani’s – if you don’t have the right products you can improvise with items from the cupboards (olive oil & coconut oil is great for cuticles, and you can make yourself a great sugar scrub).


BRING THE PUB TO YOU – hold a weekly pub quiz for your pals, accompanied by beer, peanuts & sticky tables (should you wish). Each week a different household writes the questions and hosts the quiz. The perfect Sunday afternoon isolation activity.

LOOK FORWARD –  to happier times. Use this time to plan holidays, birthday parties, family get-togethers, community events, hen parties, & weddings! One day this will all be over, not only are your friends & family going to be in the mood to PAR-TAY, but it will give the UK hospitality & events industry the boost it’s going to need, so you can feel good doing it. Cheers to that!


Image credits – @iamlaurajackson, @loveisblindnetflix, @thehangedit