Nothing says PARTY like a piñata



  • 2 hour workshop
  • All materials and sweets to fill the piñata with

What You Need To Know

Add some creative flair to your fiesta with this party piñata making workshop. You can choose to make a totally tropical watermelon, golden pineapple, or maybe go for a romantic heart. This is a two hour hands-on workshop suitable for everyone who’s a party queen at heart.

No previous experience is required, as you and your hen party will be shown how to make one of a variety of vibrant piñata designs. You’ll be given everything you need from cardboard to crepe paper as you design and create the perfect hen party piñata. The only thing you need to bring is your creative flair, and the workshop will provide the rest, not forgetting those all-important filling of sweets and confetti to ensure your piñata party still has the wow.

Use it as décor, a hen party game before your night out, or just to smash open in the morning when you need some sugar to combat that hangover…

The pinata workshop can join the party at any suitable venue! If you don’t have a venue in mind, CLUCK will source the perfect space for you.

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Hey girl, wanna speak to an expert?

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