Power your poses, Madonna style



  • 60 min yoga-based workout set to 80s classics (DJ or playlist)
  • Venue hire
  • Yoga mats

What You Need To Know

If you love yoga, but secretly wish it was more upbeat; or  are inspired by dance, the 80s and diva poses; VOGA offers an avant-guarde and transformational new way to workout; inspired by art, fashion, music, film and wellbeing.

If your motto is ‘Girls just wanna fun’, and you love the idea of working out with friends in fabulous outfits, why not incorporate this guaranteed euphoric experience into your hen do’  House of VOGA now offers VOGA Hens: a fusion of yoga and dance: fitness and fashion with the resident Voga DJ spinning an iconic soundtrack of 80s diva classics. We’re talking FULL power, ladies.

Their freedom seeking, vogue-style yoga brand fusing health and wellbeing, hedonism and party vibes is the perfect way to offer a unique hen experience and celebrate girl power whilst rejuvenating the body and setting yourself up for the night. It’s for ALL ages, skills and fitness levels, offering a uniquely holistic and cardio experience which guarantees results. The vision is to inspire that essentially 80s joy to working out, adding sass and glamour to your hen crew.

Plus, it’s all set to an iconic soundtrack taking you through dynamic dance to dreamy disco and combines the breath-synchronized movement of Yoga with the expressive moves of a dance class, fusing power and strength with attitude and flamboyance, where slick alignment is key. The idea is to dress to XPRESS. (Wearing something fabulous has a proven effect on your mood).

House of VOGA have various East London venues available, or can come and join the party at any suitable location or venue!

Options include –

45min – 1 hr yoga-based flow, set to an 80s house beat with live DJ. (Alternatively use an iPod and good speaker system)

OR a more interactive / performance DJ-led ‘Party’ event – The VOGA Xpress Session/ Happy Hour of Power – offering a constant flow of ‘Vogue’ inspired moves and standing-based ‘Yoga’ poses  to cater for more people with live DJ as an essential element.

OR the hen party platinum package with a silent disco, Voga Hen T-shirts, Hair & make up, dress up box and bespoke playlist

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Hey girl, wanna speak to an expert?

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