Creative, modern and totally unique, learn the craft of acid etching onto glass



  • 2 hour acid etching workshop with an expert
  • All materials
  • Tissue and cotton tote to carry your handiwork home in
  • Printed instruction book

What You Need To Know

In a world where a lot of craft masterclasses have been done to death, say hello to the newest one around, and learn the technique of acid etching onto glass. You’ll find out how to use acid to safely etch your designs into the surface of your glass, using techniques that you can repeat at home. The classes includes two mirror tiles and several glass tea light holders to work on. Choose from a range of templates, create your own designs or use carefully chosen font templates to make words.

Once you’ve mastered the technique you can etch on to all sorts. Glass etching is a great way to create unusual and super impressive gifts, or to jazz up some DIY for your big day. If you’ve ever made sloe gin or jam to give away or for favours, you can make personalised bottles and jars to go with them. Or give a unique gift of a glass lantern etched with the couple’s names or wedding date.

Over two hours, you’ll be shown how to permanently etch your images and words to glass. Unlike paint, acid chemically alters the surface of the glass, so they can’t be scratched or wash off. Once you’ve learned how, you can work on any glass surface!

The Acid Etching Workshop is held in a gorgeous Central London venue, or can come and join the party at any suitable venue!

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