Glow, girls glow – make this season’s hottest homeware item from scratch



  • 2.5 hour workshop with expert guidance
  • A bag to carry your neon canvas home in

What You Need To Know

It’s time to get your fluorescent adolescence on with this workshop! Make your own flashing neon-style artwork on canvas in pink or blue, and have the décor you’ve been dreaming of hanging proudly in your home. It’s totally beginner friendly so everyone can do it, and you will be taught and guided through the whole process. You’ll be able to choose from our templates or create your own personalised artwork.

This workshop uses Electro-Luminescent Wire, a safer alternative to traditional glass and gas neon so you won’t need to get all hot and dangerous. Draw your design onto a generous 20″ x 20″ inch deep canvas, and then add the glowing elements. Your final artwork will be able to run from a battery pack hidden inside the back of the canvas, so you can hang it on the wall, display it on the mantlepiece or prop it up wherever you need to light your life up. Keep it flashing Vegas style or set it to shine continuously, which ever you prefer.

Just imagine showing off your new neon artwork to your friends – then being able to blow their minds when you tell them you made it (without blowing any bulbs!)

The Neon Canvas Workshop is held in a gorgeous Central London venue, or can come and join the party at any suitable venue!

What Our Hens Say

The hen party was fab and the neon workshop was undoubtedly the highlight for me (and for many of the other girls!).

It was so refreshing to do something a bit different on a London hen and the workshop was the perfect change of pace from all the other activities we had planned that day.

We all found it super relaxing too!

 Thank you so much for organising everything – it was seamless! I will definitely be using and recommending cluck in the future.


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Hey girl, wanna speak to an expert?

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