Putting the G & T in Good Times



  • 2 hour session held by expert distiller
  • Blend and bottle two of your very own small batch gins to take away in a goodie bag
  • Four different gin & tonics to enjoy during the experience

What You Need To Know

In this experience you will blend, bottle and name two of your own gins to take away, with the guidance of our distiller, Jack. The class includes four different G&Ts and 400mls of your own bespoke gin to take home in a goodie bag.

Enjoy your first G&T whilst Jack, our distiller, talks you through your class. Jack will then talk through the history of gin and introduce our gin still, Nicola, who makes our Small Batch Martello Gin. Then it’s time for the tasting! Taste four mini gin & tonics each made with a completely different style of tonic to see which style you prefer. With your second G&T, test gins blended with different botanicals to work out which ones you will prefer to use in your own bespoke gin. Now for the main event – the gin blending!

Blend two 200ml bottles of your own small batch gins. Jack will help you measure, weigh and balance each of your two gins to make sure they taste amazing. Perhaps mix it up with one spicy gin and one floral gin? With your third G&T, you will bottle your gins, sealing them with a wax seal & stamp and bespoke labels on which you will date-stamp and name your gins.

To finish, kick back with your last G&T, enjoy our quick-fire quiz (prizes for the winners) and pack your gins away in your goodie bag to take home.

Hey girl, wanna speak to an expert?

Hey girl, wanna speak to an expert?

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