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– Why book with us? 

What we offer – If you hadn’t already guessed, CLUCK isn’t like other hen party websites. We create unique hen party experiences for modern brides & cool bridesmaids. We’ve curated the best in activities, workshops, venues, restaurants and bars, and we’ll use our expertise to create the best hen party

Our simple booking system and individual payments – no need for one person to cover the full amount and awkwardly chase payments….with CLUCK each guest is responsible for their own payment. Once the booking is confirmed you will upload every guests name and email address via our website, and individual payment links will be sent to the group with full details on what amounts are due, and when.

– How do I book? 

Get in touch with one of the lovely CLUCK team who’ll be at your every whim! If you see something you like on the website, just click “Add To Favourites” and your saved options will automatically send to us when you make an enquiry via the Contact Us page.

When you are ready to confirm your booking we will take a deposit of up to 50% from each member of the group. Your booking will only be fully confirmed when we have received the deposit from each member of the group.

– How much do the activities and experiences cost?  

The workshops all vary in cost but please enquire to find out more.

– Is my deposit refundable?  

Up to a 50% non-refundable deposit is due to secure you booking/s.

– When is full payment due?  

Once your deposit has been paid the remaining balance is due no later than 45 days prior to the event for all booking/s, but don’t worry we will make it super clear to you at the time of booking what amounts are due, and when.

– What if one person cancels? 

If one member of the group wishes to cancel a booking more than 90 days in advance, at CLUCK’s discretion they will be entitled to a refund for any amount they have paid over the non-refundable deposit if this doesn’t affect the total group cost (e.g if it’s a per head cost for a workshop or private dining menu).

However, if one member of the group wishes to cancel a booking that affects the total group cost of the group they may not be entitled a refund for any amount they have paid over the deposit, and may still be required to cover any outstanding balance. This would apply for bookings such as holiday properties with a set total cost, or supper clubs where there is a set total kitchen or venue hire fee. Likewise, if the group are booking a venue or restaurant with a set minimum spend, the rest of the group will need to make up the shortfall.

If the individual cancels any activity or experience (based on a per head cost) within 90 days, then the full fee will still be due.

– What if we need to cancel the whole event?  

If the full event is cancelled more than 90 days before the date of the event, the deposit you have paid will be non-refundable, but you won’t need to cover the remaining amount due. If you need to cancel your booking/s less than 90 days before the date of the event, the full amount will be due.

On occasion the above cancellation terms may not apply for a specific booking. If this is the case, CLUCK will this agree this with the lead prior to acceptance of booking.

– Can you provide a venue to hold our workshop in?  

Abso-flipping-lutely – we work with some of the coolest venues in and around London.

– Can the activities and experiences travel to us?  

Yes, some of our workshops are more than happy to travel to your venue or location, just look out for information on each individual activity profile.

– Do we have to cover service charge when booking a restaurant or dining experience? 

Service charge is always discretionary– the amount is dictated by the venue. CLUCK will make any additional service charges clear to the lead booker prior to acceptance of booking.

– There is a man in our group, can he join in?  

Hell yeah! Girls just wanna have fun……no wonder the boys want in on the action.

– Can you cater for events other than Hen Parties?  

Well of course! Birthdays, corporate events, team building – you name it.

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We created CLUCK for cool women with great taste. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch.