An absolute hen party favourite, Mr & Mrs (or Mrs & Mrs) is a great way to get the brides partner involved at her hen party. How well do they really know each other?


It’s a great way to bring a personal touch – you can keep it safe or if you think the bride can handle it you can also bring in funny/embarrassing/risqué questions.


So how does it work? You send the questions over to bride’s partner beforehand then ask her the same questions at the hen party. If you want you can turn this into a drinking game, with the bride taking a sip/shot for every question her partner gets wrong.


Here are some suggestions of questions to send to the brides partner..


Who said I love you first?


What is your partners most annoying habit?


What are you most likely to argue about?


What makes you most proud of your partner?


Who is the funniest?


Who takes the longest to get ready?


Who is the better dancer?


Who is your partners favourite band/group?


Who is your celebrity “hall pass”


Who is your partners celebrity “hall pass”


Which celebrity does your partner look most like?


Which celebrity does your partner think you look most like?


What does your partner think they are good at but they actually aren’t?


What first attracted you to your partner?


What does your partner call you?


What is your partners bra size?


What three words would you use to describe your partner?


What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?


How many dates did you go on before you first had sex?