Channel your inner candy master!



  • 90-minute hands on lollipop-making
  • Welcome drink (glass of prosecco, beer or soft drink)
  • Take home ALL the candy you make during the class (it's a lot)!
  • Certificate of Candy Making Excellence

What You Need To Know

In this workshop Master Candy Makers will teach you, step by step, the artisanal process used to create our legendary candy and confectionery, all of which is vegetarian and made with natural fruit flavourings. Remember, everything you make, you take!

Take a mouthwatering journey through the art of lollipop-making with talented master candy makers and learn the science and craft involved in bringing to life one of Britain’s most loved candy traditions, the swirly multi-coloured lollipop.

A master candy maker will demonstrate how they’re made step by step then it’s over to you. With expert guidance, they’ll soon have you making your very own multi-coloured lollipops in your chosen shapes, colours and flavours. And the best bit? You get to take home all the delicious candy you have made, along with a Certificate of Candy Making Excellence to confirm your newly acquired skills.

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Hey girl, wanna speak to an expert?

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